TransZendenZ Posted: Sunday, June 07, 2009
07-06-2009 |by Tenebrika / ITALY



Hi , at first thanks for this interview from AloneMusic!

Can you tell us something about your band? How did it began?

TransZendenZ was born in the 3rd month in 2003. It was a matter of time to produce the ideas on CD we had. I've been playing the keyboard for 13 years. The big change have been made after visiting our Technical engineer of BWS Studio. With him we have arranged our work and have risen our skills in producing such stuff til today. That's the music of TransZendenZ and each record will have the own style, the typical TZZ Style.

Your band is called TransZendenZ, is there a particolar meaning inside this name?

Yes, there is. It is one word of the philosophy we have. Everyone can get the explanation what exactly this word means in each language. And in each language it means the same. It is a kind of universe and destiny of oneself while you're thinking of yourself.

Which are your biggest influences in music?

The biggest influence have had Juno Reactor in the time of beginning. Nowadays more folk sounds and medieval stuff is influencing the current record called Demes-el nor which is going to be released in 2010.

“Between Terra & Light” is your first album, it has a particular sound, would you tell us something about it?

Why particular ? Compared to Oui~ja ? It is only a matter of learning, because each record was done with a single keyboard, so listen to the record again.

What do you think about the Ebm/Industrial scene in general nowadays?

Jarna and I aren't the typical gothics, so, after visiting the WGT in Leipzig it was a really great event to see how the european scene is running. But in my point of view I'd say the south american scene is more open-minded and more connected with heart and soul to the scene.We also have more feedbacks and fans from there. Generally the scene could be bigger, we will see. YOu know, everwhere black-dressed people, hehe like in Leipzig ;)

Are you going to make some live shows, especially here in Italy?

No, we aren't. The decision to play no gigs was due to the fact we haven't got the bandmembers we need to make a show as we woud like to do, it is not the sound to play it just from a harddisk recorder or laptop in the clubs... The people must see the big drums, taikos, guitar...

If you could collaborate with an important and famous artist , what will be your choice?

This is really a difficult question. If we could, Project Pitchfork, yes they rule!

Is there somenthing you would like to say to our readers?

Up to now, you only can get the sound of TransZendenZ on CD. If we can get the support from listeneres and musicians to play live we also would change our attitude in this issue, and this means we would also play live in Italy.

Thanks for share your time with us!